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Our history of elegance
and style is more
than 50 years long - QUALITY
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  F.lli IPPOLITO srl
  Via Torriani, 2 20022
Castano Primo (MI) - Italy
  Tel +39.0331.877.601
Fax +39.0331.878.084
Our effort to always reach the maximum of the quality
Quality is an indispensable production value for Ippolito srl. We create high-fashion articles and great attention and careful checks are applied to every detail during the production stage.

Our quality stems from our experience and enthusiasm for what we do and has made us stand out for over 50 years.
In addition to human resources, the technologies we use are also important: our machines are always state-of-the-art, constantly updated for perfect efficiency.

The raw materials we use are also part of our global quality concept. We choose the best products available on the market, to guarantee top-level aesthetic and functional characteristics.
F.lli IPPOLITO srl
Via Torriani, 2 - 20022 Castano Primo (MI) - ITALY
Tel. +39.0331.877.601 - Fax +39.0331.878.084
E-mail: - C.F. e P.Iva 07686240156