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Our history of elegance
and style is more
than 50 years long - PRODUCTION
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  F.lli IPPOLITO srl
  Via Torriani, 2 20022
Castano Primo (MI) - Italy
  Tel +39.0331.877.601
Fax +39.0331.878.084
Discover all the productive stages
Cutting out is the first stage in the manufacture of outerwear. Our experienced personnel use cutting-edge automatic cutting machines to prepare constantly top-quality garments.
We are accustomed to working with a huge range of fabrics, from wool to silk, cotton or linen, through to polyester and coated fabrics.
After cutting out, the fabric proceeds to the making up stage.
Making up is the central stage of work at Ippolito srl. During this stage, when the cut fabric is assembled to take on its final appearance, we rely on flat sewing machines, professional machines (buttonholers, button attaching machines, etc.) and, especially, the experience and manual skills of our operators.
Once completed, the garment can proceed to the next stage, pressing.
We consider this to be the most important stage, when the garment is further enhanced and improved thanks to steam presses and new-gen irons. Even during pressing, experience and enthusiasm for our work plays a fundamental role.
Once pressing is finished, the garments move onto the next stage, inspection.
Inspection is the final stage in the production of our outerwear. During inspection, the garments are checked and carefully measured one by one, to guarantee standard quality and fit.
Once all their details and parts have been checked, the products are ready for collection.
F.lli IPPOLITO srl
Via Torriani, 2 - 20022 Castano Primo (MI) - ITALY
Tel. +39.0331.877.601 - Fax +39.0331.878.084
E-mail: - C.F. e P.Iva 07686240156